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Gambling defines Las Vegas. So when you hear the phrase, “The best place to gamble,” take note that there are different meanings to visitors and casino owners when it comes to what makes one “the best.” To visitors, it might be where the chances appear higher in the player’s favor; to casino owners, it’s what gets gamblers in the door.

Whether it’s a low-cost buffet, free cocktails, swanky lounge performances, scantily clad waitresses, exploding attractions or simply nice looking tables, sport books and slot machines, it’s pretty evident that the best casino is a packed casino.

Unless you’re confined to a specific hotel for some reason, we recommend you shop around and pay a visit to different casinos during your stay. Believe it or not, different casinos offer better odds, depending on what game you fancy.

We’ve heard these are the best casinos to gamble on the
respectively listed games:

  • El Cortez for Blackjack
  • Red Rock Resort for quarter slots
  • Palms for dollar slots
  • Casino Royale for Craps
  • Cannery for quarter video poker
  • Skyline for dollar video poker
  • Stratosphere for Roulette
  • Palace Station for Baccarat
  • El Cortez for Keno
  • Red Rock Resort for Bingo
  • Caesar’s Palace for poker
  • Green Valley Ranch sports, race books & betting
  • Slots of Fun for Let it Ride
  • Golden Nugget for Caribbean Stud
  • Gold Coast for Pai Gow Poker
Vegas Slot Machines

Keep in mind the rules of every Las Vegas game are bespoke in the house’s favor. So when you’re playing, whether it’s Wheel of Fortune or Craps, the odds are most likely doubly less for you. Not everyone needs a babysitter, but here are a few pointers to keep yourself out of trouble if you plan on spending the majority of your Las Vegas vacation gambling.

Tips for Responsible Gambling:

  • You must be 21 years of age or older to gamble in Las Vegas.
  • Watch you’re drinking while you gamble, as alcohol is known to impair judgment.
  • Don’t play when you’re sleepy, depressed or sick.
  • Set a limit for your gambling, keep your money off to the side & stop when your gambling fund is empty.
  • Know how to play your game of choice & take a few minutes to study the dealer and other players before jumping in.
  • Set a playing timeframe and take breaks.
  • Bring a watch and give yourself a curfew.

Almost every casino in Las Vegas is open 24/7. But don’t look for the time while you’re there — most casinos don’t have any visible clocks and cabbies will often dodge the question when you ask. The idea is to get gamblers into the casinos and to keep them there for as long as possible. So next time you’re admiring all the ritzy accommodations at a particular casino, remember, it’s no accident that convenience is met within yards.

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