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Don’t let the bright lights and outdoor misters fool you: Las Vegas is the desert. For many, though, that’s what’s attractive.

With more than 300 days of sunshine, Vegas has earned its title as one of the world’s top destination places.

The most ideal time of year to go to Las Vegas is in the spring or fall when the weather is warm, dry and mild. If you plan to golf, hike or engage in any outdoor activities aside from sun worshiping, March, April, early May, October, November and December are the most popular times to go.

If you plan on spending your time in the casinos, however, it doesn’t matter what time of year you’re in Vegas.

If you’re trying to travel on the cheap, you’ll most likely find deals in Las Vegas after the National Finals Rodeo in early December, in January and early February, and during the sweltering summer months.

Vegas temperatureIf you’re trying to go to Vegas in the weeks surrounding Christmas and New Year’s, however, you won’t find many good deals. In fact, it’s best to book your New Year’s Eve venue a significant amount of time in advance to avoid spending a fortune.

While the spring and fall months are sure to send you home with a suntan, weather in December, January and February fluctuates. Wind, rain, colder temperatures and even snow are not unheard of during these months; but more than likely the sun will be shining and the weather will be mild. It’s not weird to see people out on Lake Mead on a February morning and on Lee Canyon’s snow-covered ski slopes later that afternoon.

If you have a tendency to burn or simply dislike hot weather, a trip to Las Vegas between May and September is a bad idea. Temperatures range from 88-105 during the day and get down to the 50- to 70-degree range at night during those months.

If you must come in this time frame, be sure to pack some shades, sunscreen and a hat — or just plan to stay in the casino all day. Pools are only open from March to October, but it never hurts to pack your bathing suit just in case.

Average Daily Temperature

  • weatherJanuary, 57°F
  • February, 50°F
  • March-May, 68°-88°F
  • June, 98°F
  • July, 105°F
  • August, 103°F
  • September, 95°F
  • October, 81°F
  • November, 67°F
  • December, 58°F

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