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NYNY Las VegasBehind nearly every bright light and ringing slot machine in Las Vegas is a hotel, most likely catering to gambling, dining and shopping.

There are a select few, however, also known for celebrating the beauty of architecture, technology, elaborate themes and style.

Las Vegas has more hotel rooms than any other city in the world, from grimy motels to extraordinary casinos and suites.

On Las Vegas Boulevard, better known as The Strip, guests are often overwhelmed with the flashing lights and massive structures. Of the 100-plus hotels in Las Vegas, about a dozen of them are sight-seeing attractions in their appearance alone.

The Venetian, clinging to its theme of ancient Venice, houses a makeshift marketplace, canal, outdoor dining and gondola rides. This giant hotel hosts a realm of classic beauty while also offering the convenience of the Grand Canal Shoppes shopping mall.

Caesars Palace, like the Venetian, spoils its guests with a Roman market bazaar, cloud-like ceiling and floating celestial bodies. Caesars is home to popular shows and restaurants, as well as one of the city’s biggest shopping venues, the Forum and Appian Way Shops.


The Wynn Las Vegas is a haven for any green-loving traveler. An aroma of fresh plants welcomes guests and gamblers while passing through the botanical canopy of real foliage, blossoming flowers and exotic trees that deck the hotel lobby.

The Fountains and light show at the Bellagio have not only greeted guests and passers-bye, but they’ve become the background in many tourist snapshots over the years.

New York-New York, giving Las Vegas the skyline of Manhattan and hosting a slew American staple foods, has a roller coaster and provides a fun atmosphere even for those not familiar with the Big Apple.

It’s always a beautiful day at Paris. This hotel-casino is defined by its name and Parisian theme. A sky-like ceiling stretches over the entire casino, giving gamblers a sense of an afternoon in Paris even in the middle of the night.

Mandalay Bay is hard to miss with its copper mirrors and stately design. This giant hotel-casino also provides an exotic environment in the desert with a beach-like pool and stylish décor.

Luxor, shaped like a huge black pyramid, sticks out in the crowd with its Egyptian theme and massive spotlight shining into the desert sky. Along with the Mandalay Bay, it’s one of the first hotels guests will spot when landing at McCarran International Airport.

Red Rock Resort, Mirage, Rio, MGM Grand, and Planet Hollywood have also been known to lure guests with their bright lights, stylish decor and inviting atmospheres.

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